Structural Masonry

Presently, Structural Masonry is a new option to streamline construction - an option that stands out from the rest, due to the low-cost production.

This goal, which is the optimization of a cost-benefit ratio on a project of this level, can only be achieved through careful research. The integration of architectural projects, structure and installations, modular walls - vertical and horizontal, reducting the maximum number of blocks utilized, and careful detailing are basic requirements for the optimum success of the project.

The structural design must also meet the requirements of stability, durability and functionality; and enable a streamlined process that meets the particular conditions of this kind of construction.

  • Featured Projects in Structural Masonry:

  • PAR Plan (Brasilia-DF)
    39 buildings / 4 floors
    Construtora Argus / MBR Engenharia
  • Rosa dos Ventos Vertical Condominium 
    8 buildings / 9 floors
    GOVESA Const. Ltda
  • Felicita Residence (Goiania-GO)
    8 buildings - 14 floors
  • Torres do Mirante Residence
    5 buildings / 13 floors